Vero 4k+ No EPG Information

Hi, I purchased a Vero 4k+ and OSMC TV Tuner. I have set up TVHeadend on my Vero, and can see the EPG data through my browser (ip:9981). I can also use the EPG with no problems on a raspberry pi b+ running OSMC; however, on my Vero, no information is displayed for any of the channels. I have tried disabling and re-enabling, clearing all guide and channel data, enabling asynchronous EPG update all to no avail. The actual signal plays back fine.

Is there something I might have missed? How can I fully reset the TVHeadend client on the Vero (the disable/re-enable and clearing of channel and guide data still retains information like username and password, ip address etc)? Thank you.

Suggest to enable debug logging as that would maybe tell you why it doesn’t receive the EPG Data

Sometimes it takes a bit of time to download EPG information over the air

If the EPG is showing fine in tvheadend GUI but not in Kodi EPG, I noticed you have to leave it a awhile as it builds the EPG.

Clear the EPG data in Kodi TV settings, then leave the EPG guide open for 5 or 10 mins to it rebuilds.

Also when you reboot it may take few minutes for guide to appear sometimes.

Thank you all for your answers. I had this problem for 3 days, which I had thought would be enough time for the guide to populate. I came home from work today to find the guide suddenly working on the vero - as far as I can tell, it was just taking a long time.