Vero 4K no longer playing m4a & flac sound files

I have used my 4K for the last year or so to only to play .mp4 videos which are stored on my NAS and served either by the NAS media server or Twonky running on the same server. The Vero connects to my subnet on the lan and the NAS connects using an NFS connection which is working fine.

Using the Vero and selecting the Video I can see and select all the video titles and if I select Music tab I can see all the music folders and albums but when I select an album I cannot see the tracks.

Since all the tracks may be seen and selected using a control point such as my phone my assumption is that the problem is the way I have set up the Vero or there is an app missing.

To repeat my music is already served by the NAS using minimserver and this is working to play on my phone and to various media renderers, only the Vero is not playing.

Where am I going wrong please. I suspect it has to do with my connection to the NAS but as I explained, the videos are working fine. The NFS connection is just showing as Multimedia which is from the NAS. Do I have to enter the IP again?

I have been reading up on this issue and have run into a different problem. I cannot ssh into the Vero 4K. I can ping it and have what I believe is the correct pw but no joy. After three attempts I get Permission denied (publickey,password).
The Vero is headless. Any suggestions?

I have it sorted now. Still cannot ssh into device but I have been able to use existing working connection for Videos and copies source correctly.
Sorry to be dumb as usual.

Not so dumb after all. Mp3s are playing fine but alas flac files apparently not, I thought but the problem seems to have been that having created a “new” connection to my NAS using NFS but for Music, the Vero 4K is very busy scanning the entire library of my NAS Multimedia which numbers rather a lot. I wonder what is does with all the information and what info is saved on the Vero because it will likely run out of memory before it reaches the end!
Can anybody explain what is going on?
Meanwhile I can now play flac files as hoped.

The default username and password should both be osmc.
You could check you’re logging in to the right device.

Hi Sam,
Defaults have long been changed to personal stuff and pw from KeePassXC.
Not to worry just now as I have my music playing ok. I can sort out the login when I have the device in my hand with sceen and keyboard.

I am however a bit perplexed by the amount of activity with scanning and scrapers. I assume these are default settings for a typical media user which I shall have to learn how to turn off. The only scraper I want is if I am looking for films which is very rarely.

Also I have posted a new thread about YouTube as this has stopped working and I may need to do some housekeeping to clear out old attempts at setting up an API.