Vero 4k no osd from receiver

Only on my Vero 4k i am not getting OSD from my Reciever.
I cant see my volume indicator from My Denon reciever on my Vero 4k.
This is possible on my other HDMI devices connected to the same reciever ps4, xbox, htpc ect.
Why cant my Reciever get OSD to the Vero 4k, its like the overlay are not getting through.
Thnx for help

How could osmc possibly have a bearing here? Video stream certainly does not travel from the Vero to AVR and back to the Vero before reaching your TV? The "overlay"is applied after the video stream has left the Vero. Check your cables, test a different AVR input.

Hi i have tested all 8 hdmi input in the reciever.
switched between all my hdmi cables, the only device thats has this problem are the Vero 4K.
Perhaps its related to the auto switch refresh rate thing.
on my ps4, my xbox, my HTPC when i press the the movie sound button, the sound menu just apper with an overlay an i can still se what going on on the device.
But on Vero 4k, the screen becomes black.
I have testet all but problem only happens on the Vero 4K.
Perheps its an cec problem, i do not know. just though others would have notices this problem

What is the resolution/refresh rate of the Vero set to?
Try changing that and seeing if the OSD re-appears

Hi its set to 1080p
refresh rate change stop/start
i will try it later when i come home

1080p should be ok. I know some models of Denon & Marantz can’t do OSD over a 4k signal.
What’s the model number?

Denon AVR-4400H.
But its wierd because i have an HTPC running kodi v.18,3 and it has no problem showing the Volume OSD. its connected in the cbl/sat input and the vero are in th DVD input. if i switch the HDMI ports it still works on the PC but not on the Vero. so far i can see its not related to the reciever

Does it output 4k?

Can you get any OSD from the Denon when on the Vero input?
What happens if you press info on the Denon remote?
Can you call up the setup menu?
If you go to General/Information/Video/HDMI Signal Info when on the Vero input what does it show?
Is all the CEC rubbish turned off on both the Vero and the amp?

Yes it does output both 4k and 1080p, my setting are on 1080p on the HTPC

This is a confusing feedback, does the HTPC output 4k (TV switched to 4K native) when the OSD is working?


It is probably a CEC setting somewhere. You can play around with the one on Kodi or on your receiver. I had a similar issue. Definitely not a Vero issue.

Why do you want to run all your video inputs through your receiver? I just run optical from my TV to receiver. ARC turned on and all inputs work, I just don’t have my on screen display for my receiver. I find a I have less issues with this setup and its much more simple to me. Your new TV can figure it out on it’s own.

I have audio with the built-in Netflix app to my receiver. I would really take a close look in the settings of your TV and check all your inputs. Get a 4k HDMI cable from your TV to your receiver and if you expect 4k content from any other source coming from your receiver, 4k cables as well.

Got your inputs to outputs and outputs to inputs I take it?

You get what you pay for these days.

Yes, why would anyone use a device in the manner for which it was designed?!

Also, another misguided opinion that is quickly debunked by the sheer volume of audio configuration support requests on this forum and a dozen others…


Not only that, but if your AVR supports Atmos or DTS-X it’s very unlikely that the TV will pass the HD sound via ARC. And if you are using an optical cable, that cannot pass HD audio either. So not connecting the HDMI directly to the AVR will completely lose HD audio.


I think the issue is what had already been stated but their seems to be a lack of understanding. First of all, the issue is 100% with the receiver as that is the device that is responsible for overlaying the screens that you are looking for. The issue is almost certainly that your AVR can only overlay its menus at certain resolutions and framerates. If the AVR does not see a compatible input signal then it will just pass it along without touching it (and thus no OSD). If we are to assume that you are actually sending something common like a 1080p/23.976 and the overlays are not working then the things to try would be

  1. reboot the Vero
  2. unplug your AVR from the wall for a couple minutes
  3. try a different hdmi cable
  4. soft reset the Denon AVR
  5. If that fails the last resort would be to hard reset the Denon AVR which unfortunately would require setting it up over again.

It is seems to be common with Denon for (insert some random thing) to stop working and it requiring a bit of a nudge for everything to get back to 100%. I’ve seen it mentioned from others on the interwebs and i’ve experienced it myself (not with OSD though). Just like a computer they sometimes need to be rebooted.

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My Marantz Atmos AV receiver instruction manual specifically states that OSD will not be passed through on some settings and that’s the case with my Vero 4k+ using one of the HDMI inputs. It’s only the volume during real world use but that’s no big deal.