Vero 4K no power

What can we do about apparent hardware faults with the Vero4K? It no longer powers on - no blue led or anything.

I’ve tested the power supply and get 5V out of it. Don’t have another power adapter to test at present (new 5V/2A supply arriving tomorrow) but I fear it might be the Vero itself, though it’s only 7months old.

No changes made before it stopped powering up - been sat happily behind my TV since I got it.



I’m sorry to see you’ve experienced a problem. Do you have a previous report of this issue?

If your Vero is only seven months old, it won’t feature a blue LED. As the Vero 4K+ only has a red LED which is only illuminated for 2-3 seconds when the device is booting.

I’d suggest reinstalling OSMC first and seeing if it’s detected on your network. You can check this via your router status page.



Apologies r.e. the LED - shows how often I looked at it!
When plugging in the power, no LED’s turn on.

It didn’t appear on the network (through a network cable) originally when I posted and no network activity lights on the network port (assuming there should be).

For completeness, I’ve just inserted a microsd card with the latest image for the 4K, and plugged in the power, but again, no luck. No LEDs, nothing on screen, nothing on the network. Nothing that appears to show any power in use by the device.

I’ll try again with a fresh power supply tomorrow, but failing that, any other suggestions?

See if there’s a red light coming from the back by the optical port