Vero 4k not booting, possible disk error


I have a vero 4K that I think might have died on me. I switched to the vero4k input on me TV and saw a typical kernel log message saying that there was an ext4 issue and that the disk was remounted read only.
I yanked the power cable and plugged it back in. The front light turned blue but I got no HDMI output and it does not the DHCP server for a lease.
Any troubleshooting tips would be helpful.

Try reinstalling from the Download page.

“Install failed: can’t mount root”. Not looking good.


Are you using a USB or an SD card?

USB. Tried with SD card as well, but only the USB got me to the reinstall menu. Not sure if the SD card got written to correctly or if the 4K fails to recognize it.

Got the SD card working, “Install failed: could not mount bootfs”

If it says ‘could not mount bootfs’ then that means it’s having a problem with the installation media rather than the device itself.

Do you mean the menu to select a language?
If you see that, OSMC has been reinstalled.

Sorry. I meant the “wait 60 seconds and the device will be formatted” dialog. I got the error messages after time ran out.


Can you post a screenshot of the contents of the sd cardor usb?

Regards Tom.