Vero 4k+ not playing 3d blu-ray isos correctly - help!

Hi all

Just received my Vero 4k+ a little while ago. I look forward to getting to know the unit better. It was purchased exclusively to play 3d blu-ray isos, a feature that my Nvidia Shield Pro is sorely missing.

I use the Vero 4k+ with my Optoma UHD42 projector to view 3d content. The Vero 4k+ works just fine with 3d rips in SBS and TB, but that is not a feature that I will use much due to the lower resolution.

What I want is to play isos of 3d blu-rays. When I try this, the Vero 4k+ does not play the file properly (either shows up in 2d or a just as a mess) and I cannot activate frame packing on my projector, so it is just not picking up any frame packing/sequential signal from the Vero 4k+.

As mentioned, I just received and set up my Vero 4k+. I have updated using the menu updater, so should be on latest software.

My question is as follows: why is my unit not handling 3d isos propely ? Is a special software version/build necessary? If so, where to I get that software and how do I install it on my unit?

Thanks a million.

Did you install the 3D build?


Thanks for the quick reply, Sam. I did not know that there is such a thing even :slight_smile: I have no knowledge of this system, as I just got it. Is there a guide that I can read on this in order do gain knowledge on the system quick, in particular on the 3d aspects? i.e. on where the 3d build is available and how do I install it ? I have reasonably ok background knowledge on xbox media center/kodi from original xbox back in the day and kodi on pc (allthough not used for 3d there). Thanks again.

Try this:

Thanks. I have installed the 3d build. Must say that the Vero 4k with this build has very impressive handling of 3d iso content. Super nice to use, very snappy and capable! Enjoying the hell out of it.

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We are glad to hear this.

If you have any issues, let us know.