Vero 4k+ not starting anymore

I really think that there is missing something. Between my posts to the ticket from June 17th and June 21st there is nothing else. But in your last post in the ticket you say that you answered on the 18th. I can send you a Screenshot if you want.
Could there be a bug in the ticket system?

When I didn’t get all of your messages than that obviously explains why I get frustrated with the issue.

But again I went to the Deutsche Post and DHL office, which are always the same counters here.
They took the item as a letter, because it is only a label which says “no stamp required” . And there is no tracking or receipt for letters… :confused:

Thanks for your email. Are you sure you are talking about June and not July?

I re-issued the reply which means that the date would have been updated for my most recent responses. So for example, if I resend it now, the time stamp will be updated yet again.

We haven’t had any other reports of problems with the ticket system. As long as you updated the original ticket and didn’t open a new ticket, all of the correspondence should be there.

I can’t see a week long gap in the most recent responses.

The item has to be sent as a parcel (which is covered by the returns label). For all previous returns received so far in Germany, the local mailing office issued a proof of postage receipt with a tracking number. They are meant to use our printed impression license which is displayed clearly to process this.

Yes I meant July, sorry.

On the 11th you wanted to check later, so I expected to get some more info.
I asked again on the 17th, to which I didn’t get a reply. Also on the 21st.
Only after posting here in the forum on the 22nd did I get an answer…

Well, neither did the lady at the counter now that, nor did I. If there is no standard procedure for this, maybe there should be instructions provided.
I researched about IBRS a bit and found guidlines from other shops that say that you wont get a receipt and tracking number from the Deutsche Post for these types of mails.

The IBRS handling seems to be quite sophisticated, with the stop in the Netherlands. I guess this may take longer than I expected.
So i will try to keep my hopes up to see the device again someday…


There are instructions on the return label provided.

I am sure the item is just delayed and will show up soon enough


Hi Matthias,

I have some news after raising an investigation with Royal Mail and the German postal services.

It appears that the item will be returned to us on Friday.

Because the response label was printed in colour, and not black and white, this meant that the item could not be automatically processed at the sorting center in the Netherlands. This resulted in delays as the item had to enter a missorted pile of mail and be manually processed. Unfortunately this also resulted in a surcharge being raised on our account.

We do make it clear that the returns label should be printed in black and white only before sending the item as the first instruction. This should be visible on the response label that we sent to you.

(instructions then continue)

Unfortunately, we have to provide the response label in coloured format for those that do not have a printer and wish for it to be processed on-site at a post office. This service is not available in all countries.

When the item is received on Friday, I will personally investigate your issue and send you an update on your ticket. I will also update your ticket now (in case you are not viewing this forum regularly) to let you know about this news.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Hi Sam,
I am glad to hear that!

But just to be clear, in the label PDF you sent me, the instructions only say to print it. There is no word about the color. Maybe the instructions were added later?

I have checked and the label sent does mention black and white, and this should also be mentioned in the email.

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Maybe that is the case for the label I waited two weeks for and never got? The label that you manually sent me through the support system looks like the screenshot I attached above!
I also answered the support mail and re-attached it.

I will follow up there, but the label is generated with the attached instructions. It is not manually issued.

Keep in mind that I won’t get it until Friday, so I am only taking the postal service’s word that it is indeed printed in colour. Once we get the item, I can take things from there (your repair).

Why would I make this up about the instructions?

After asking in the support system on the 05.06, 10.06 and 15.06 you finally answered on the 17.06:

A return label would’ve been sent as an external email, but it seems you didn’t get it. I have attached it here in PDF format.

With the PDF attached that looks like my screenshot above. And I never got anything else.
I don’t know what went wrong there but please don’t blame me for this!

I just hope that no one else has to go through these struggles with their returns…

The attached PDF would have been the same label and would have the same return instructions.

Customers can return goods using their own delivery service or our returns system. If they use our returns system, they need to follow the instructions to ensure that the goods are received back by us properly and promptly.

I am really lost for words. The label YOU sent me does not contain instructions to print in black and white. That’s a fact! I can also attach it here in full if you don’t believe me.