VERO 4k+ Not Turning On

Hello just used my Vero 4k+ after several months of not using it
watching almost half of the movie it crash. and won’t turn on anymore
no LED Light no Signal on TV. Tried to use white USB to PC the Optical Input lit on.
But still not booting up/ turning on. Please help. Thank you in advance

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If you haven’t used it for a while, I’d suggest checking that you’re using the correct peripherals (i.e. PSU) that it shipped with as they can be mixed up.

yeah i’m using the its own PSU, the device is actually working since i was able to watch half of the movie. it just crashed (lag on certain screen) and not able to used the remote. so i just unplug the power. then when i plug the PSU it wont boot.

Is the device overheating / hot to the touch?
Can you try a fresh install from Download - OSMC?