Vero 4K+ October build (re-install)

I’m looking to do a fresh install of my Vero 4k+, but have a couple of questions after I read the thread below:

  1. Is the installer build downloaded from here; Download - OSMC, the exact same build which is loaded onto the Vero 4k+ before it is shipped to new customers?

  2. Is it better to re-install using the disk image rather than installer, or is the end result identical?

  3. The disk image looks like October’s build. Is the installer also October’s build?

Many thanks

  1. the shipping build will be the latest available and made from the same files as the download images
  2. the installer just copies the disk image to the install media but sets up a couple of things before doing it. The end result is the same.
  3. the installer grabs the latest build December isn’t out yet.

The Installer will download the latest available image and install it on a bootable SD Card or USB Stick so that it than can be installed onto the Vero 4k.
Generally it is the same image that is loaded on the Vero 4k before shipping but surely if shipping is a few month ago it will be a newer version.
Currently October is the latest available image. Normally images will be made available 1-2 weeks after an Update has been released. So you could expect the December Images anytime next week.

Excellent. Thanks for the quick response guys.

Wish me luck! :relaxed: