Vero 4K Onkyo receiver and Optoma uhd65 settings

Hi I just change a receiver Onkyo 656 to 787 9.2 with Optoma uhd65, before I have the Vero 4K for 1080 p movies the settings on 1080 and the Optoma made the 4K change. I had the the Onkyo 4K upscaling off. Now with the new Onkyo 787 there is no option for upscaling 4K so when I have the settings on Vero 1080 the 1080 movies plays on original 1080 and not upscaling and you can see the downgrading. If change to 4 k on Vero I see some improvement. Do you thing this the best settings I can get now? Does the upscaling made the Optoma if I change the res to Vero?


What have you got Adjust Display Refresh Rate set to?

Setting it to always or startup should make it upscale to 4k when required and you should leave the gui at 1080

Thanks Tom.

I set to always. In the previous receiver onkyo tx-nr 656 the GUI I have it 1080 and the Optoma made the 4K upscale on the 1080 movies. Now that I change the receiver to onkyo tx-nr 787 ( this receiver doesn’t have an option to deactivate the upscaling ) when I have the GUI on the vero 1080 the Optoma doesn’t upscale. The movie plays on 1080 and you can see the downgrade on the picture. If I change the GUI on 4 k you can see better picture. Maybe I have to reset the hdmi on Optoma ?


Please provide logs showing the issue:

I suspect the receiver is preventing the correct supported displays being advertised, logs should confirm this. If thats the case, there is a workaround.

Thanks Tom.
Sorry for the late response. I just upload the log file of the Kodi. Some information:
av receiver onkyo tx-nr787 connecting on 2.2 input with vero and receiver output on optoma uhd65. Receiver with Pj are connecting with optical hdmi cable. Before i had an older receiver the onkyo tx-nt656 and when i had the resolution on vero at 1080 p was upscaling to 4k correctly. After i switch the receiver if i will have 1080 p res on vero the 1080 p movie doesn’t upscale to 4k. I have to setup the vero at 2160 on settings. I already have the adjust display to always.
Thank you

I suggest adjust refresh rate -> on start/stop.

I did also that, is not working

I’m a little bit confused, here. Vero will not upscale 1080p to 2160p unless you set the GUI to 2160p. That is how it’s designed. It will play 2160p at 2160p when the GUI is on 1080p if you select adjust refresh rate to on start/stop or always.

Then is better to keep the GUI on 2160 p because the 1080 p movies look better upscaled.

No, as it has been mentioned by many people. The TV upscalers are normally better than the OSMC one. So suggestion is to have GUI on 1080p.

this is my problem, when i have the GUI on 1080p the 1080p movies that i played from my qnap nas are not upscaling by my projector. They are playing on 1080p resolution and you can see the difference in quality from upscaling to 2160p. Before my previous receiver when i had the GUI on 1080p the 1080p movies was upscaling from my projector to 2160p. Unfortunately not now that i change receiver.

If your projector is feed with a 1080 source, it will should internally up-scale it to 2160. It will not display that, it will show the native resolution of what’s playing, not how it’s actually displaying it.

If you set the GUI to 2160, then Kodi is up-scaling the source, not the projector. And as @fzinken mentioned, your projector will do a far better job of up-scaling than Kodi will.

But the image is worst when i have the Gui on 1080 p and play 1080p movie besides to put the GUI ON 2160 and play 1080p movie. I will post a picture comparison to see the difference

the first picture is with GUI on 1080p and the second with 2160p

I just read a review on your projector that specifically states it is up-scaling 1080 content. The review also mentioned some settings that can improve that up-scaling. In particular they mention the sharpness setting, and the PureMotion setting.

the pure motion gives the soap opera effect that i don’t like, i don’t know if you can see from the pictures, but when i have the GUI on 2160p the 1080p movies looks upscaling. If i leave it 1080p are looking washout and i don’t know if it really upscale the pj. The info on my receiver says in the last picture 1080p.

I already mentioned that the projector will show that it’s receiving 1080, because that is what it’s receiving. It’s internally doing the up-scale.

But if you prefer to use the poorer quality Kodi up-scaler then I can see no reason not to.