Vero 4k+ or Pi4

Which box is quicker for loading widgets, is it the Vero 4k+ with 2 GB RAM or the Pi 4 with 4 GB RAM? Of course both with running osmc. I just want to have an idea before buying the Vero as there id no return policy if you are not happy with performance.

I have tried many boxes in the past but all seems quiet slow with loading widgets.

@sam_nazarko perhaps you can give me an honest and best answer on this?


You can request to return the device within 14 days of receipt for any reason (such as changing your mind) provided it’s in good condition.

I think you should think about what kind of content you are planning to play. The Pi 4 is still in an early stage of support and features like HDR and HD audio are some time away. The CPU is faster – but Kodi’s interface is driven by the GPU. The Pi’sfaster CPU will have benefits with some Python add-ons or software video decoding – but the device itself has its own drawbacks.

Forgot to mention but if you plan to watch interlaced content, such as Live TV, then this rules out Pi as an option.