Vero 4K+ Order #28718

Hi. Sorry to create a thread about this but I’m not sure what else to do. I placed an order for a vero 4K+ three days ago on Sunday 9th and received an order confirmation email soon after. I’ve heard nothing since and I’m anxious that it won’t arrive by the weekend - it’s a birthday present for my brother. Emailed the store a few times but no response. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Can you let me know the tickets for the emails you sent? We are up to date on all tickets.

Unfortunately the order will not arrive in time. We have received a large number of orders. I’m happy to refund this for you or provide a precise delivery timeframe via email.


Hi Sam. Ah man, that’s such a shame. I figured a working week would allow plenty of time for delivery. Oh well. If by tickets you mean email confirmation regarding the messages I sent, I haven’t received any. A precise delivery time would be appreciated.

I’ve sent details to your email.

Thanks for sorting this out Sam.