Vero 4k+ Osmc DVB-T2 dongle - video freezes

Hi all,

have an issue with Tvheadend and tuning DVT-T2 channels. After a few seconds video stream freezes and audio continue playing (playing in VLC in my local LAN).
SD channels (not in DVB-T2 or even DVB-T2 but no HD) works ok.

My setup:
Using Vero 4k+ with OSMC DVB-T2 dongle with Panasonic MN88473 DVB-T.
Tvheadend installed from MyOsmc.

What I checked:
Signal reception is OK.
On the Dongle DVB-T2 HEVC FHD channels works on PC (latest Windows 10 Pro, Astrometa drivers, NextPVR) ok.

TV adapters are detected OK in TVH.

In TVH only DVB-T#1 (Panasonic is enabled), muxes add through predefined (Czech republic) or manually (only one mux with czech tv) - scan runs and services are found OK.

Tried several times but without success (always deleted /home/osmc/.hts directory). Installed the same setup on RPI3 - same issue.
Tried to install NextPVR on Vero4k+ don’t even find any channels during scan.

Any idea what is the cause of this?


dmesg output:

Thanks a lot

Are you using a powered USB hub?

How is actual playback on the Vero (not VLC)?

No without USB hub (but can try).

Playback on Vero using TVheadend HSTS cliend works ok both epg works and DVB-T2 FHD channels as well (just checked).

Then the issue might be VLC related. Perhaps try disabling hardware acceleration.

What is VLC running on? FWIW I have no trouble playing on VLC on Win10.

@sam_nazarko Thanks a lot! I could have not imagined it is related to VLC :slight_smile: If I disable HW accelaration it works (of course the stream works normally even with GPU acceleration in any other player like MPC-BE) so it is indeed a bug in VLC player (version 3.0.11)

So very easy solution in the end… thanks

One last issue - what do you think is the best place to let osmc users that predefined muxes list in TVH needs adjustments (at least for my use case with OSMC dongle and DVB-T2 channels in the Czech rep) that PLP ID needs to be adjusted from -1 to 0 otherwise scan fails. I discovered this just by trial and error…

TVHeadend upstream is the best place. It may even be fixed already, but keep in mind that the release cycle of TVH is very slow, so it could take some time for changes to trickle down.