Vero 4k+ out of space

I’m running a Vero 4K+ on OSMC 2021-08.1. The system is currently importing a large M3U file, and the system is running out of space. /dev/vero-nand usage is up to 92% with only 1.2GB of 12GB free.
Is there some one tell these addon programs not to store their file on the root drive? I have a 119GB thumb drive plugged in with the movies on that drive, and it has 76GB free.

The addon that’s using all the space is IPTV Simple, and it’s pulling in a channel guide from an IPTV supplier.


Are you sure it is the addon_data folder that is actually taking up the bulk of that space? I would actually expect it to be the thumbnail folder and for that a Kodi path sub to a thumb drive should work without issue. You could either stop Kodi, movie the thumbs folder and make/edit an advancedsettings.xml to point to the new place or else just delete it and with adding the path sub Kodi will make new thumbs in the new location on the fly. This should then free up enough space for your add-ons to be happy. Although it is possible to do a papth sub for the add-on data I believe in practice this is not always working correctly. I would venture a guess that you could do a symbolic link in the OS to move the folder as well but I’ve personally never tried that.

The addon IPTVSimple is definitely eating up the data. One database file in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/Database is 16MB. I don’t know why the file would be that large. I may need to try to cancel, clear data, and restart, but its been chewing on the channel guide and building the databases for over 12 hours, and that’s eating into my 48 hour free trial time. Unfortunatly, it doesn’t show a percentage completion that I can see.

16MB is not an issue on a 12GB drive, is it?

I suggest you install ncdu (sudo apt-get install ncdu) to check what really takes up the space.

Check PM and remove any local cache, and dont store logos localy, just grab em from epg

I had to fix a broken package install issue, and then installed ncdu as you suggested in your PM. I found that TVHeadend was saving PVR recordings to /osmc/home. Once I removed those recordings, and changed the location of those recordings to the 119GB thumb drive, the Vero has disk space again. I’ll have to check tomorrow that the recording are now going to the correct location.

I’m still learning about OSMC and Vero. My Tivo was so much simpler. I just always put a larger drive in than the the factory provided, and the Tivo just ran happily, and I could watch the TV I wanted when I chose.

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