Vero 4K + playing UHD Blu Ray ISO and folders

I just received my Vero 4K+ and can’t figure out how to play UHD Blu Ray in ISO or folder format. I have the share added and each movie shows up like normal but none will play. Can anyone explain the steps to get this working? I updated and am running the latest December release.


UHD movies will have to be ripped to a hard drive using software like MakeMKV.

MakeMKV is free.

Will future versions support menus and ISO?

Hard to say, but probably unlikely as BluRay is iffy still. It’s the encryption that’s the problem.

Using MakeMKV and saving to a drive is easy, and for me with 1000+ movies a lot easier than getting up and searching through a bunch of discs.

Menus (without BD-J) work currently. We will look at adding further menu support in the future.
You need to install AACS keys manually if you wish to play encrypted discs.

If one wants to make a copy of the contents of a disk, either in ISO or folder format, doesn’t the process of doing that require the data to be decrypted? I think we’re talking about playing decrypted files, just in a folder or ISO structure, rather than in MKV containers.

Decrypted does not need keys.

Thanks for the info everyone