Vero 4K plays all videos on 24p except 4K

Hi everyone,

First of all sorry for my poor english. I recently bought a Vero 4K and managed to install it. All my network and video playing is functionnal.
I have an issue with 4K HDR video playing. All my 1080p video work well with my TV (Sony KD55-9005) and AVR (Onkyo TX-NR 656) with 24p. But with 4K, it is impossible to get 24p and video judders (I can get 4K and HDR working).
I put "“Adjust Display Refresh Rate” on Always and “Lock HDMI HPD” on to prevent issues when I turn my TV and AVR off.
Have you an idea of what is going wrong?

Hope you understood me.




To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. The best way to get this information is for you to upload logs that demonstrate your problem. You can learn more about how to submit a useful support request here.

So, in summary:

  • activate the logging
  • reboot the OSMC device
  • reproduce the issue
  • upload the log set either using the Log Uploader method within the My OSMC menu in the GUI or the ssh method invoking command grab-logs -A
  • publish the provided URL from the log set upload, here

Thanks for your understanding. We hope that we can help you get up and running again shortly.

Ok it seems that Vero is sending 24fps to A/V receiver, isn’t it?

19:32:19.127 T:4074500688 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: Opening: /mnt/Videos/Films/Mad Max/Mad Max Fury Road (2015) 4K HDR.mkv
19:32:19.127 T:4074500688 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
19:32:19.128 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Creating InputStream
19:32:19.136 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Creating Demuxer
19:32:19.679 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Opening stream: 0 source: 256
19:32:19.679 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Creating video codec with codec id: 174
19:32:19.701 T:3391058688 ERROR: Unable to load, reason: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
19:32:19.701 T:3391058688 WARNING: CAMLCodec::CAMLCodec not found, trying instead
19:32:19.702 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Creating video thread
19:32:19.703 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Opening stream: 2 source: 256
19:32:19.703 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Finding audio codec for: 86061
19:32:19.704 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Creating audio thread
19:32:19.704 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Opening stream: 3 source: 256
19:32:19.705 T:3282608896 NOTICE: running thread: CVideoPlayerAudio::Process()
19:32:19.707 T:3320296192 NOTICE: running thread: video_thread
19:32:19.718 T:3282608896 NOTICE: Creating audio stream (codec id: 86061, channels: 8, sample rate: 48000, pass-through)
19:32:19.723 T:3282608896 ERROR: CAEStreamInfo::GetDuration - invalid stream type
19:32:19.879 T:3320296192 ERROR: Previous line repeats 1 times.
19:32:19.879 T:3320296192 NOTICE: CAMLCodec::OpenDecoder - using V4L2 pts format: 64Bit
19:32:20.126 T:4074500688 NOTICE: Display resolution ADJUST : 3840x2160 @ 23.98 - Full Screen (33) (weight: 0.000)
19:32:20.315 T:4074500688 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: OnLostDisplay received
19:32:20.630 T:3320296192 WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer
19:32:20.648 T:4074500688 ERROR: EGL error in CreateSurface: 3003
19:32:20.648 T:4074500688 NOTICE: CreateWindow: Could not create a surface. Trying with a fresh Native Window.
19:32:20.649 T:4074500688 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: OnResetDisplay received
19:33:39.187 T:4074500688 NOTICE: CVideoPlayer::CloseFile()
19:33:39.188 T:4074500688 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: waiting for threads to exit
19:33:39.193 T:3391058688 NOTICE: CVideoPlayer::OnExit()
19:33:39.193 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Closing stream player 1
19:33:39.193 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Waiting for audio thread to exit
19:33:39.230 T:3282608896 NOTICE: thread end: CVideoPlayerAudio::OnExit()
19:33:39.230 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Closing audio device
19:33:39.249 T:3274220288 ERROR: EXCEPTION: XBMC is not playing any media file
19:33:39.328 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Deleting audio codec
19:33:39.328 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Closing stream player 2
19:33:39.329 T:3391058688 NOTICE: waiting for video thread to exit
19:33:39.352 T:3320296192 NOTICE: thread end: video_thread
19:33:39.359 T:3391058688 NOTICE: deleting video codec
19:33:39.420 T:3391058688 NOTICE: Closing stream player 3
19:33:39.689 T:4074500688 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: finished waiting
19:33:39.699 T:4074500688 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: OnLostDisplay received

Issue come from TV or A/V Receiver? (Tv don’t show 3840 × 2160/24 just 3840 × 2160).



If you actually provide grab-logs -A then we can see exactly what capabilities your TV is reporting to the V4K, as well as your video output option configuration…

There it is


Have you tried playing any of the 4k 24p files back locally?

Thanks Tom.