Vero 4K plays single video file in slow-motion


today I ran into a problem I’ve never had with my Vero 4K (running the latest stable release). A certain video file, a remux in VC-1, will only play in slow-motion, no matter if I start from the beginning or any other point of the movie. Audio isn’t delayed or slurred but obviously doesn’t fit the video.

The file resides on a DiskStation 918+ mounted via NFS. No problems playing other files, even ones with way higher bitrates than this one.

A Windows desktop is able to play the file without problems via VLC over SMB share and locally.

(partly redacted) OSMC debug log here:

MediaInfo here:

A link to a thirty second sample can be provided via PM.

Thanks in advance!

It’s a VC-1 file. An update was sent yesterday to fix this, so just update again and you should be fine.

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I’ll manually start the search for newer updates.

Btw, record response time!


Update installed, error is gone. I love you! :smiley:

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Glad it’s working now


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