Vero 4k plex for kodi x265 problem


I have problems when I play x265 files from plex for kodi 0.2 on vero 4k.
When I try to ff x2 x4 or rewind or skip to some point player hang up or wait/buffer for long time.
Latest osmc installed.
Same Plex /osmc software on RB PI 3 works perfectly.

Also same files without Plex from osmc player plays, ff, skip smoothly on vero 4k.
Are there same workaround for plex/osmc/vero 4k to play x265 preperly ?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not aware of any workarounds for Plex, although I believe I understand the issue you are reporting.

Could you explain what you mean in a bit more detail?

Some debug logs may also show us why seeking doesn’t work well.
FF/RW isn’t really supported in Kodi, but seeking is.



Your not using direct play and your transcoding. Check the settings on your Plex server and the Plex add-on. When you have direct play working it should act the same as if you are playing through Kodi without Plex.