vero 4k+ plex server

Hello, i’m thinking about re-encoding all my media in hevc in order to save space on my nas and i was wondering if the vero 4k+ would be powerfull enough to stream hevc and play it at the same time on the same box or in case with 2 box one as server and one as client. In addition i’m thinking of having the box doing an automatic re-encode to hevc in background. The goal is to have the minimum foothprint of device while saving space and enabling remote play with centralised media library. Could you advise ?

Yes — streaming and playing is fine but transcoding on the device isn’t possible


I’m talking streaming and playing on the same box through plex pluggin and plex server.

Do you’ve some performance test with any x265 file with different format ?

If you play HEVC / x265 on Vero, you will have no issue.
If you stream to a device that supports HEVC / x265; you will also have no issue.

The Vero 4K + will meet your requirements. It has a money back guarantee

Let me know if you have any questions


As already indicated transcoding, means streaming in a different format than the original (e.g. HEVC), will not be possible on the Vero.

I don’t know if this is what @noteris needs but I successfully streamed videos (h264) to my 1gen chromecast which needs transcoding to play files encoded with that codec correctly.

Haven’t tried with h265.