[Vero 4k+] Power strip with on/off button

Hi there. I have received my Vero 4k+ yesterday, hooked up and got it running mainly for music in minutes. Works like a charm.
Anyway I have it connected to a power strip with on/off button which switches on and off the power for the entire system - TV, hi fi amplifier, and now the Vero 4k+.

I have seen that there are commands to shutdown, put the player to sleep etc: it is harmful to the OS to shutdown the power without putting the system to sleep? Since it is connected to that power strip and I switch off that power strip when I go out of the house it would get switched on and off daily at least. (I would disable automatic updates for the firmware and even automatic scan of the HDD connected to the Vero if necessary).


Yes, you risk filesystem inconsistency if you don’t shutdown the Vero properly before pulling the power (shutdown not sleep).

Why do you want to put your device at risk?

just keep the Vero separate from your other devices connected directly to the wall power outlet and let it run 24/7 that is what it is designed for and power consumption is that low that you would not feel the impact.

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I come from Digital Signage (professionally), and I’ve worked with devices similar to the Vero which can be shut down and powered up without issues. This ability is a big plus on devices like these.
The clean shutdown is surely the best option, but not having an hardware button NOR a button on the remote for that it kind of forces this kind of actions.

It is not always possible, and it is actually difficult for me. A power strip with separate switches for each outlet would be a solution.

This is not a very green philosophy, and there’s an underlying rudeness with this kind of answer.

All I was looking for is an official answer to the first question: is it a proven source of system failures?

Nope, it was just a proposition for a solution.

You won’t find anything more official than that: :wink:

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Cool. My solution I guess will be to isolate the Vero with a dedicated switch on the power strip. When I need to turn it on I will switch on his own outlet and then proceed to shut it down properly via Kore (or Remote if the display is on).

In this way If I need to turn on the rest of the system I don’t have to have also Vero 4K+ running.

I have the same kind of setup. Usually I shutdown first with the remote before switching-off the power strip.

But if the Vero hasn’t enabled any auto update feature (scraping or OSMC) and isn’t playing a server role (upnp, mpd, Kodi pvr schedules) and you put the Kodi database into an external server (MariaDB/MySQL) chances to get an issue due to that practice are really, really low, I’d say that negligible.

Yep, I assumed I was not the only one.
I am actually waiting for an external DAC to complete the setup, so it will be HDMI if I have the TV on (movies, videos, etc) and SPDIF Toslink to the Schiit Modi 3 and then into the amplifier for music.
I guess that with Kore I don’t actually need to have the TV on as display, right?

Yes, with Kore you can shutdown safely.
But if your server is more than a simple NAS in which you can configure everything, you could add in the server shutdown process a ssh call to to shutdown the Vero in the server itself. So shutting down the server will shutdown the Vero. It could be a bit tricky, but it should work.

That’s very cool to know but for now the setup is very simple: I have a USB HDD connected straight to the Vero.