Vero 4k+ power supply issue

Hi everyone,

i have a power supply issue but i don’t know if the problem comes from the power supply itself or from my Vero 4k+.
The symptoms :

  • with the provided power supply, the cross on Vero is red at first then shuts down, i sometimes have a display signal with the device booting up, but i loose the display signal before the home page shows up. Sometimes i don’t have any display signal at all.
  • Vero works fine when powered via usb with a smartphone charger and a usb a to a cable
  • strange thing, i measure 5.2 Volts DC on the provided power supply output which seems okay to me.

I would like to hear your opinion before trying to buy a new power supply.

Thanks for your help!

That doesn’t mean anything as it measured without a load on it as normally the capacitors fails inside the power supply.
If it works stable via USB the power supply is the issue. Suggest to get a replacement.

You can grab them here;


Could also be that wiggling the cable helps, which would suggest a loose connection or degraded cable.

I’ve had a similar issue recently. AU power supply. My Vero 4K+ has when on the menus, sporadically switching to some display mode my AV receiver isn’t happy with.

If I pull the power plug from the back of the Vero and reboot it, I see the boot screen, then it ends up in the same spot. What I need to do is leave it plugged into the Vero, and instead, pull the power from the wall instead. Wait a few minutes, plug it back in, then it works again for a while.

I’ve already ordered another power supply. It’s disappointing if it is the power supply. All other devices I have, the power supply lasts a lot longer than this. Seems as though it might be a systemic issue with these power supplies failing sooner than they should. Quite a few folks seem to be having similar issues. Perhaps they need to be a bit higher spec?

I was one of the first people to buy a Vero 4K (not the newer + model) and mine is still working great. With the original power supply. And my 4K is in daily use, never turned off.

I do have mine on a UPS as I live in an area with frequent power glitches.

I’ve posted in more detail before.

We expect about 2 in 100 to fail over an extended period of time with normal batches.

People usually post when they have a problem, rather than if things are going well.
We will try and improve the quality, but I’m not worried about these figures.

From your description, it doesn’t sound like a PSU issue.
Some logs would probably confirm this.

@sam_nazarko I will try to capture some useful logs the next time it happens.

The thing that makes me think it’s power supply related is that unplugging the vero from the power doesn’t seem to fix it, but unplugging the power supply from the wall socket does.