Vero 4K Power Supply Problem

Hi There,

I’ve got an issue with my Vero 4K power supply and wanted to know how I could organise a replacement, I’ve had a look on the store and it doesn’t look like i’m able to order one from there so thought this might be the place to ask.

When the current power supply is plugged in I get a straight red LED and nothing appears on the screen, the device doesn’t appear to start at all. I checked the forums and found the specifications for a similar power supply to test and found that an old Sonos Bridge power adaptor does the trick! Plugged that in and bingo, the device starts straight away.

I was thinking of leaving as is but found a couple of posts where it’s recommended to use a Vero power supply if possible so thought i’d ask the question. Original order number was 15002.

Cracking little unit, by the way - especially with the 3D capabilities in the recent test releases!



Open support ticket at

We will ship you a new power supply free of charge