Vero 4K+ Powered via USB

Is my thinking correct, from what I understand the Vero 4k+ can be powered by USB as long as you don’t power it from the supplied PSU? (and if you do then the vero will break)

It can be powered via USB but this connection has a limited current carrying capacity so this should normally only be used for testing purposes. Having them both connected, such as a hub that backfeeds power, should not physically damage anything.

You shouldn’t power the device via USB-A unless you have a specific application, i.e. limited wiring capabilities in a specific environment.

Without knowing more about your environment – we can’t recommend or suggest this.

Stick with what works

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Thanks, I wont talk about what I need to do here as I don’t want to encourage other users to do the same.

Hi @sam_nazarko and all! - first of all happy to be here, just registered as I’m planning to buy a Vero to replace my RPI3B.

I preferred reusing an existing thread with additional info already contained - rather than opening a new one. Hope this is what the admins here prefer.

My setup will be used in a motorhome where I have 12v but 220v not that easily, so DC powering is highly preferable.

Currently I have my RPI3 powered via USB with this HUB:

I’m using one of the two smart ports able to provide stabilized and continuous 2.4A.

Can anyone confirm I will be able to power the VERO with it rather than using the embedded 220v PSU? this is a deal breaker for choosing a RPI4 as an alternative to the VERO.

Thanks a lot in advance!

You can power it via the USB A as long as your not trying to draw any significant current from the other USB Port. The issue being the USB port having lower current carrying capabilities than the barrel jack

thanks - all my usb device are connected and powered to the named external hub. So far so good the Vero 4K have been running smooth for a month now.