Vero 4k prevents ARC

Bizarre issue I need some guidance with please.

I have a Yammy AVR without HDCP2.2. As a result I need to plug my HDCP2.2 device (Apple TV 4K) into my Sony X900E TV. From there, the sound comes back via ARC to the AVR.

However, since the most recent OSMC update, I’ve noticed that my ARC connection is broken randomly by the Vero 4k.

By this, I mean that when I come back from say, 24 hours, of not using my TV, whilst the TV switches its audio to ‘external speakers’, it simply refuses to play any sound via my AVR until I remove the HDMI cable from Vero 4k.

How weird is that?

If I come back 30 minutes later after turning everything off, everything still works fine via ARC, but give until the next morning and I keep finding ARC is broken again. Same fix - simply remove the HDMI cable from the Vero 4k and plug it back in again.

This issue never used to happen until the most recent update; something has changed that’s broken my ARC connection. I just don’t know what.

Enable the new HPD Lock option under Settings -> Display

Thanks Sam. I had tried that - though I have two profiles, not sure if I did it in both - I’ve just ensured it’s enabled in both profiles. I’ve also added it to rc.local (as per Hdmi problem - #9 by ActionA).

Your TV probably deasserts after you change input after a period of time. Vero 4K will then stop sending a signal (TMDS clock on the PHY is off).

This could cause problems with ARC.

Thanks for the insight, Sam. Appreciated.

Other than saving for a HDCP2.2 AVR, anything else I could do? Or are we hopeful the HDP lock could do the trick?

I don’t think HDCP would cause this problem.

HPD lock should do the trick.
If / when it happens again, can you paste the output of cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/hpd_state


By HDCP, I meant that if I had a HDCP2.2 compliant AVR, I wouldn’t need to use ARC for my ATV4K. I would simply plug everything into the AVR. I’ve never found ARC reliable, and this is a band aid until I can replace the Yammy with a new AVR later this year.

Everything appeared fine last night BTW; fingers crossed for today.

Happened again when I came home from work. Rebooted the TV; nothing. Took the HDMI plug out of the Vero 4K; immediately TV says ‘switching to external speakers’.

cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/hpd_state

Is there a standby mode on your TV that might be doing this?

Hi Sam,

Very potentially. However, I bought a new amp last night, couldn’t put up with this any longer :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help as always, appreciated!