Vero 4k+ processor temperature


I detected yesterday, that my Vero 4k+ with a 10-15% CPU usage, it’s processor temperature was 81ºC (21ºC in the room), is that a correct temperature ?

I’m using Eminence skin, but the temperature is the same with OSMC skin. And all works fine.

(I have the January update installed)

Thanks in advance.

That’s a little high, but it’s hard to say if this is a problem as heat is also generated by playback or GPU use

Note that after a few minutes of playback a video, the temperature decreased to around 74ºC, is a bit strange.

Not really strange as playing the Video only need GPU and CPU is relaxed.
When you are in the skin especially when you have scrolling text that uses big time CPU.

Vero 4K. When any menu screen with a list of movies is on, for example, and nothing is playing, the processor starts to get very hot. As soon as I switch to the main menu screen, the temperature immediately begins to decrease

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Those temperatures are still in range.


it’s a small box with not enough air coming in, so expect higher temp than other box, mine runs from 140-187

Your temperatures are in Fahrenheit and the other user’s are in centigrade.

The device is certified to operate up until 120C and neither your temperature (63C) or the original poster’s will induce any thermal governing.

One possible explanation is when you see scrolling text in the GUI of the used skin. This increases the CPU consumption … but the temperatures shown are not critical.