Vero 4K Question

I am considering a purchase of the Vero 4K, I have actually used LibreElec before with higher-end hardware. I am currently using Windows. The biggest complaint I had about the LibreElec setup is that it did not auto-connect my paired bluetooth headset when it is powered on. Of course, Windows does do this. Will the Vero 4K do this? Thank you.

Well I can not talk about a specific headset but at least I can confirm that my Bose Bluetooth speaker connect automatically when I switch them on. But please be aware:

  1. As of today A2DP is still in “Testing” [TESTING] Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP)
  2. if you leave the audio profile always in HDMI/Bluetooth (which will automatically switch between TV and your Headset) you will encounter a slight increase in audio delay in the menu navigation sounds even when connected to the TV.