Vero 4K + random turns on the TV

I bought Vero 4K + a week ago and I have a problem with random TV switching.
I only use Vero 4K + with a CEC remote control.
In the CEC setting, I turned off everything except basic activation.
I use Estuary skin (another family doesn’t want it).

In addition to Vero 4K +, we still have Odroid C2 with Libreelec (Kodi 18) and X86 with Coreelec (Kodi 18), and none of them have a CEC problem.

Please help. At night, the TV turns on and I don’t know what to do with it.

I am sorry for my English. I use only Google translator.

If you turn CEC off, does the issue go away?
Are the libCEC versions in LE the same as OSMC?