Vero 4k+ randomly crashes when i rectify something in my database

Hi, sorry for my bad English,i am new to the Vero hardware and kodi and i just wanted to know how i can improve the performance or/and stops the many hard crashes (I must reconnect the power to make a change, otherwise i can’t do nothing…) who arrives during little rectifications on my movie database like the name of the movie or his pictures. My setup his

  • the start kit for the Vero 4k+ (with one USB port for the remote control)
  • a 4 Tb Hard drive liked with the second usb port for the stockage of the movies (i have approximately 550 movies that weight ± 700 Mo, with classic formats, mkv, mp4 and avi)
  • nothing special, just a normal connection with my TV

I have the startup skins and builds, i just tried a little ember (that i liked but that slowed a little compare to the defaults skin).
I didn’t use the Vero for streaming (with Vpn and all the stuff)

Thanks for the help

How are you making these changes? If you are writing direct to the db with a 3rd party app then it’s not straightforward.

hi, i just modify some movies with the information page of the kodi OS, and i go to change the picture or sometimes i select a movie and go to manage and i change the name of the film (i’m not sure it is written like that, i have the french version).

For instance ; sometimes with big movies like the remake of Alice in Wonderland by tim burton, the scrapper thinks it is the old 1941 version and when i want to change with the refresh button when a film is select, it crashes when he apply the modification

Do you think that i must change the info myself with all the movies in their folder of the same name with an .NFO file to improve all ?

Does this hard drive have its own power supply?


no, his power supply is the usb port of the vero

You should try with a USB powered hub. The Vero may likely not provide enough power to support this device.

ok, i will try that thanks

but the problem is also that my hard disk have just one port and it is just usb

Therefore suggestion was powered USB Hub like this

Or comparable from your local shop.

and just i have to do his link my hardware to the 4 port usb and linked the output to my vero ?

The cable from the USB Hub goes into the Vero. The additional power supply is connected to the USB Hub and you Harddisk is just plugged into the USB Hub.

Like this

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sounds good, huge thanks for the quick support