Vero 4K + randomly reboots

Admittedlying, I believe I have lost the original power supply for my Vero 4K+. I purchased the device last year through the community from a local member (Canada). I don’t recall if this is the same power adaptor. However, it was close by and no other adapters fit the Vero 4K+. I recently powered the unit up and downloaded and installed the new March 2022 update. Now the device randmonly reboots. I see the Red logo and please standby message. This adapter is 5V 1A, DVE branded. I have ordered 2 replacements from the OSMC store and hope to resolve this apparent power issue.

I also reinstalled the OS, thinking maybe there was a corruption during the update. I unplugged the remote control usb dongle, and only had the usb thumb drive connnected for boot up. All went as planned with the usb iso install. Yet, the powering off (reboot) still occurs. Thanks

I think i will resolve the issues you have, 1A is not enough, as far as i remember the original supply is 2 amps.


Agreed. I wonder if this is the power supply that came with the unit I bought second hand ?
The vero4k+ has been living in my media cabinet and this power supply was right beside it. I honestly haven’t used the vero 4K+ much as I have an Oppo 203, nvidia shield pro 2019 and AppleTV 4K, but I thought I would give the vero4k+ another shot after acquiring a 3D TV the other day. Will update when I receive the power supplies.

Never shipped by OSMC.

I suspected this @sam_nazarko. I purchased this unit second hand last summer from the community buy and sell listings. I’m guessing the seller included the wrong adapter. Well I’ve got 2 ordered. I am in Western Canada. The ordering page shows 3-5 day delivery. Might you have an update on my order? Many thanks.

You ordered yesterday (Saturday). It will ship with details on Monday. Delivery time is specified in working days (excludes weekends).