Vero 4K+ randomly unresponsive

Hi everyone, I am a pretty new user of the Vero 4K+ and must say the player just does what it should do. Anything you throw at it, it just plays. Such a step up from the trial and error with the Raspberry Pi’s I had before this.

Now for the issue I have: since the beginning I’ve had this weird issue that the device becomes unresponsive, ususally when I first access it again, after a full night. The screen looks frozen, although the clock is still running and it can be pinged on its IP address. It is unresponsive to input commands from the remote and I am unable to SSH to it anymore. The only way to get it running again is to unplug and restart.

Now I was trying to upload my logs either via the grab-logs -A command or via hastebin directly, but both give me an error. Maybe the log file is too big, as it is 28MB on my desktop. If there’s any other way to upload my logs, I’d really like to know.

Anyone have any pointers on where to look for this or how to get my logs here?

I appreciate any help you can give me.

Did you reboot twice before leaving it idle overnight?

No, I usually unplug and then plug it in again to be able to watch content and then just leave it on for the night.

That means the system is still up.

Is the red LED illuminated on the device when it occurs?

If you reboot twice before leaving it for the night, you’ll likely be able to produce logs that are not too large when you find it unresponsive in the morning.

I’ve been looking through my logs and saw some errors for the “Up Next” add-on. I have removed this add-on and since then I haven’t seen the problem anymore. So maybe that was the solution to it all.