Vero 4K+ reboots when connecting a 1TB external disk

as the title says… when I connect a 1TB external 2.5" disk to the Vero4K+. Screen goes all black, and I cannot anything do else than pulling the power plug. If I power on the Vero with the disk already connected, it boots, but it never shows the disk. It’s updated to the latest software 2 weeks ago.

This very same disk was used many times in the past, without any issues. Nothing else has changed (same power supply, same HDMI connection to projector, same 3.5mm connection to amplifier).

Any idea what could be wrong?

Is the drive externally powered?

You shouldn’t connect a drive without a powered hub or without ensuring the drive has its own power supply.


This isn’t supported. It seems like you were getting away with it, but we don’t recommend or support this.

You should use a powered hub, such as 4 Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub - OSMC

ok, thanks for the feedback. Will look out for a powered hub to use in the midddle.
I do confirm that it has worked perfectly for 2 years.

Power supplies degrade over time. Sometimes you can get away with a 2.5" drive but it’s not recommended and will put unnecessary strain on the power supply.