Vero 4K+ red cross, not booting

Hi all,

I’ve a Vero 4K+ that has suddenly dropped off the network, and now has a permanent red cross when I attempt to boot it. I’ve attempted to re-imaged it with a microSD, and also a USB flash drive but no signs of life other than the red cross. PSU is 5V 2A.

I’ve ordered a USB-A to USB-A cable that will arrive tomorrow - anything else I can try in the meantime?



I would wait for the cable to arrive.

Cable arrived; connecting the Vero 4K+ from the white USB to my laptop results in a UCM-UCSI ACPI Device that appears to be working. How do I recover from here?

I ordered a replacement PSU at the same time as the cable - just tried the PSU, and it seems fine! Strange, this is the 3rd PSU I’ve used with it lol

I would check the circuit that PSU is sitting on, or any equipment it’s going through (like a surge protector)…