Vero 4K red light

My Vero 4K lost power when I accidentally knocked the cord out, and now when I plug it in, it just has a red cross/light on the front. If it helps, it flickers for a few seconds after first plugging it in, then stays solid yellow. As far as I know it wasn’t doing anything at the time (it’s not like this happened during an update). Nothing comes on the screen, and I’ve tried plugging it in with nothing connected to USB or HDMI, and there is no changed in behavior. The red light just comes on immediately and stays on no longer how long I leave it connected. I have tried using a bootable installer microsd and nothing happens with that either. What do I do?

If you attach a USB cable to the white port is it detected on a computer?

Ok, interesting development. I plugged it into my Mac and the light turned blue, although I didn’t get any indication that it was detected as a USB device or drive. I plugged it into my receiver and now it’s showing OSMC Vero as the device name, but my TV is showing no signal, so I can’t tell if it’s doing anything. The light is blue and then flashes red every few seconds.

That means the Mac is not providing enough power to the device,.

Do you have a PC around?

The idea is not to boot the Vero but to see if it goes in to recovery mode.

I thought the Vero gets power through its adapter. It’s also powered through USB? Are you saying I should plug it into USB only, but not plug in the power adapter? I don’t have a PC, unfortunately…

Perhaps when this incident happened it damaged the barrel jack or the power adapter itself. You can power it via the USB port with the limitation that you can’t power any other USB device with any significant current demand from the other USB port (the remote dongle is fine). The USB ports are only designed to handle 500 ma which is just enough to power the Vero by itself. If you have an OE Apple USB charger for a newer iPhone or iPad that should work to power it up.

It seems that it is indeed a bad power adapter or barrel jack. It’s working flawlessly when powered over USB. I had the remote dongle & a gigabit ethernet adapter connected to the two USB ports - can I just connect those to a USB hub connected to the one available USB port now?

Yes – but that adapter might use a bit of power.

I’d use a hub that has its own power supply.