Vero 4K: reliability, bugs, features

This is just for my curiosity. I notice a lot of activity about Vero 4K in the release notes every month, and today’s OSMC Summary email was almost all Vero 4K.

Is this because there are more problems in the Vero vs, say Raspberry Pi? Or maybe there are a lot more Vero 4K users, hence more activity?

FWIW, I have OSMC running on a Raspberry Pi 3.


Vero 4K users tend to be more chatty on the forums. Most people seem to start with a Pi and then update to Vero 4K after lurking in the community for a while. As they are also pushing the envelope more (4K, HDR, 10-bit HEVC content), we naturally see more questions come up.

As Vero 4K is our flagship device, we focus on it more in the release notes.

Yeah - we love that beast! :smiley: