Vero 4k+ remote - AVR volume control

Hi, is it possible to control the loudness of the receiver with the Vero 4k (Audio Passthrough) remote control?
I’m thinking about buying Vero 4K +. I have AVR Marantz 7010.

Currently, I have an Apple TV 4K and loudness control of the AVR works very well using the Apple TV remote control.

I have the Yamaha RX-A3070 and can adjust the volume using the VERO Remote so I’d yes you probably could.

How do you set that up?

My Home Theatre setup is a 65" Panasonic Viera UHD/4k LED/LCD TV fed by a Yamaha RX-A3070 Receiver which has these units feeding into it: Panasonic UHD/4K Blu-ray player, Pioneer Blu-ray Player, Toshiba HD Player and the VERO 4K + unit. I enabled Viera Link on the TV which links all units together from what I can see. The volume on the Receiver can be controlled by the TV/Panasonic UHD/4K Blu-ray Player and the Vero Remotes which is quite handy.

You have to enable HDMI CEC on all devices.

What its called is different for every manufacturer, see Wikipedia for the exact naming for your devices: