Vero 4K+: Remote button used to provide playback details, but doesn't anymore?

I recall, for previous versions of OSMC, pressing the three line button during playback would prompt some useful information on screen, like codec, core usage, etc.

Now, it just brings up the Kodi video stream window.

Is there any way to bring back to the old information dashboard with the three line button?

Did you try to long press that button?

PlayerProcessInfo moved to long-press ‘info’ button if you have the custom keymap enabled. You can find notable mapping [here]

If one decides to disable the custom keymap the mapping will revert mostly to the old behavior, including the menu button bringing up PlayerProcessInfo during full screen video playback.

Is this PlayerProcessInfo an OSMC exclusive or part of Kodi in general?


Sweet, thanks guys, I was able to use the correct key press for the Vero 4K+ as well as add it to the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K via keymap editor.

You use it so much that holding down the info key for half a second is too laborious?

You misunderstand.

I didn’t know it was switched from three line short press to info long press, until I saw that link.