Vero 4K remote - control buttons for video?

Hello, Cleo again with another newbie question : :thinking:

Now that I’m able to play movies (thanks to GrahamH - yay!) I’m having a few problems trying to pause\fast forward\rewind from my remote control.

Are there instructions about how to use the remote?

Thank you!
Cleo :relaxed:

Pause: press the ‘Play’ button >|
Forward/back: press the arrow keys on the round control. It will skip forward/back rather than fast-forward. The more times you press, the bigger the jumps.

Fast forward and rewind can be used by pressing Ok and selecting FF or RW and pressing Ok, but they don’t work that well


Graham: Thank you again! You’re very good at explaining things :wink:

Sam: Thanks, also. I must be a dummy (well, I know I am with things electrical lol) but I’m not sure what you mean by “Fast forward and rewind can be used by pressing Ok and selecting FF or RW and pressing Ok”.
Which one is the RW button?

To the left of pause on the screen.

When you press OK you will see a few buttons via a menu on your screen (if you press OK during playback)

If you have any questions about what is what, just take a photo and we can explain.


I have a questione related to the on screen menu that comes up when you press “OK”.

Is there any way to make the osd smaller? Maybe another skin, or a setting? As it is now it covers alot of the screen and if I want to pause and examine something (or read a long text) sometimes it actually covers what I want to see. Another scenario where it is in the way is when Im tuning the picture edge to the edge of my homecinema-screen, since material is different aspect-ratios I usually lower the active picture so I get a nice cutof on the bottom to make the picture pop more, but the osd is in the way and makes it more annoying.

This feature will come in the next update