Vero 4K Remote Control FCC registration info

I have a TV remote control that uses the same 2.4GHz frequency to communicate as Vero 4K remote control.

I would like to use HackRF to read the data packages that are being sent to USB dongles and maybe create my own remote control that would communicate with both dongles. However my TV control does not have any FCC specifications.

I see that Vero 4K does have the FCC labeling. Is it possible to get the FCC info about Vero 4K registration so I would have some ground to start from?


FCC information can be found online (it’s in the public domain). I’d send you a direct link, but the website (more useful than the official FCC one…) seems to be down at the moment.

The Block Diagram, Schematics and Operational Description are not public; and we have no plans to release these in to the public domain.

What you will find is Test Photos; the mandatory labelling information; RF Exposure Report and description of the pseudorandom hopping sequence.


All I need for now is the frequency and modulation type. I have got more than enough from official fcc for now.
I did not know about I will keep that one in mind.

Thank you!