Vero 4K+ remote issues

The remote which came with my Vero 4K+ (ordered in Nov, 21) has spent much of its life in a drawer as I usually use a combo of Yatse and CEC devices to control OSMC. However I’ve recently found a need for it but can’t see any signs of life. It’s been stored without the battery in (there’s no sign of any corrosion anyway either). I’ve checked for stuck buttons and all seem OK. I’ve got a fresh 3V battery installed but cannot get the blue pairing LED to come by holding the HOME and OK buttons for 5 seconds.

Am I right in thinking this would likely be a hardware issue with the remote itself rather than anything involving the dongle? Would anyone have any ideas for other things I could try?

Many thanks!

Anyone got any ideas? Would really rather not have to buy a new one if there’s a chance this barely used one can be fixed.

You could post some logs so we could check if the dongle is registering correctly. You could also plug it into a PC and see if you can find some signs of life there.

I’d also suggest uploading a picture of the remote dongle so we can make sure that you’ve plugged the correct one in to the Vero.

That’s the dongle I’m using. It reports as a HID compatible mouse when attached to a PC in device manager, and as an OSMC RF remote (unknown version) when attached to my Vero in System>Input>Peripherals. I can up logs easily enough however as the pairing process starts with the dongle unplugged and my remote isn’t getting past step 1 (hold OK and HOME for 5 secs until blue LED on) I feel like that isn’t going to help much in this particular scenario.

Logs taken from a brand new install of latest OMSC.

I have the same problem. However, I installed the Apple interface and it started with the fact that it did not detect the commands of the remote control. Now I control it by phone.

I don’t quite understand this post.

Thanks for the logs.

The remote receiver itself looks stable (no disconnects); so if there is an issue it’s with the remote itself.


Does the blue light on the remote stay solid?
Do you see the blue light?

Hi Sam. No blue light at all.

This would suggest that either the battery is dead or it isn’t making proper contact with the remote. Can you show a photo of the compartment with no battery inserted so we can check the contacts?


Here’s the photo as requested. I can confirm the battery is definitely making contact as the bottom (negative) contacts are slightly raised, and the side (positive) contacts shift backwards when the battery is pushed into place.

I’ve also noticed that the new battery I installed to test the remote a few days ago has dropped from 3.1v to 2.1v, obviously with no use at all.

Hi, any further thoughts on this?

Sorry – I’m currently travelling so a bit slow to respond to things.

If you email with your order details I can check this for you further.

If the battery is dropping that quickly, it suggests a contact short. This can happen if you pry the battery out with a knife. I’m assuming the remote hasn’t been dropped recently.


Thanks Sam, I appreciate your time, hope you’re enjoying travelling.

I’ve checked the terminals with a multi-meter an doesn’t appear to have a direct short. I’ve never needed to pry the battery out, the little indent has always been enough. No, no drops. As I said in OP it’s spent most of it’s life in a drawer so far.

I’ll email support as you say.

Thanks again.