Vero 4k+ Remote quick subtitle and audio track change?

The remote command works well, however I’d like to have a “quick” menu to change the audio track and the subtitles.

Now I have to navigate to several menus to change both. A single menu wich could show a drop-list to quickly review available tracks (with codec/channels info) and subtitles will be really helpful. And if I could link a remote key to show that set of options will just make my day.

Any way to get it ?


Instead of a menu, I have buttons set up to change to the next subtitle or audio track.

I made the change by using a custom lircd config file, but you can use Kodi’s keymap editor to do the same thing. Just pick the key you want to use, and set it to do NextSubtitle or AudiioNextLanguage. These commands loop around to the first audio/subtitle track when you are on the last one, so you don’t need a “previous” button.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ll certainly try it.

But I think I’ll need to use another remote for it, the default one has too few keys. I could assign one (the properties or info key) but difficult to find two (unless I use the up/down ones). And that doesn’t allow me to see a list, in case that lots of tracks/subtitles are available.

I’d really appreciate a new menu-feature to quickly change those options.

You can assign the up/down keys to only switch subs/audio while a video is playing. When a video isn’t playing the up/down keys can still have their normal function.

This may be a silly question, but if you always like to have a certain audio/sub used, why don’t you re-mux the files and set your preferred as the defaults? If the file is a mvk then you can just use MKVToolNix to change the defaults without re-muxing.

Or when ripping just rip the desired tracks (and set the proper defaults)?

To be honest, I just like to have options and a comfortable way for me (and my family) to choose. I’m from Spain so when with my family I usually choose “Spanish Audio” and “forced subs”… but when I’m alone (and sometimes with my son) I choose original language (English most times) and English subs. But those tracks and subtitles could come in some “flavours”: AC3, DTS-MA…

Not really interested in remuxing the files. I only do that in some specific situations.

Ok, then what @nabsltd said about using the up/down (or other keys of your choice) on the remote is still a good solution. As I said, you can have the up arrow change subs only when a video is playing. All other times up arrow would be just up arrow.

This does lose the chapter skip functionality of those buttons. I’m using an MCE remote, so I have plenty of keys to spare.

I have Yatse installed on my Android phone, which makes it simpler to change these settings.