Vero 4k + review

Hey, anyone who got the 1st batch of the 4k + want to do a quick review?

Yes that would be nice ! Sadly I haven’t found many vero 4k reviews at all and the only one on youtube is Italian. Sam should send one to LinusTechTips or so :wink:

I will send some review units out soon; but fulfilling customer orders has to come first.


As you got one recently, why don’t you put one up :wink:


Haha! When I get mine I’ll put up a mini-review/comparison to the original 4K. :blush:

Just shipped today, yay!

I think he’s too busy playing with his Vero 4K+ now. No time for posting.

Always happens!


Ok, since I’ve a little time, here’s what I think. So, because this is the first vero 4k device I’ve had, I can only talk about the vero as a whole rather than anything new the + does. My set up is a vero 4k+ with a 4 tb hard drive attached, lg oled c7 and Pioneer atmos amp. I used play my ripped movies from my gaming pc, but it was like a space ship sitting in the corner, lighting up the living room. So then I plugged the hdd straight into the tv, worked great but no atmos passthrough to the amp. Then the lg wouldn’t play m2ts files… i just needed something that just worked, enter the 4k vero +.
Excellent!, does everything I need it to. Packaging is good, comes with everything you need, the remote is spot on, no annoying light on the front ( :wink: ). It just ticks all the boxes for my needs. Not done much with the kodi side of things, so if anyone could point me in the right direction of interesting add ons that would be great. Not so much of a review, just a little story of how the vero 4k + has helped me complete my little set up.
Cheers Sam and the rest of your team, it was worth the wait.

I would like to add that the vero and the + model work great on both lg b7s we have.

Both are connected via the soundbars and everything including hdr works well. We did have initial issues with hdr but turned out to be cables we were using. One soundbar supports dd and dts and everything plays fine for that also.

CEC works pretty well most of the time too so we don’t even need an extra control out.

I don’t think we are doing anything complicated just the usual uhd media playing of a nas drive.
We haven’t set up fstab and we haven’t had any major issues playing anything.

WiFi is good on the device and we use that instead of lan.

Here’s my quick review:

I bought Vero 4K+ to replace a Vero 4K. I have big plans for the Vero 4K, but that’s for another review. The upgrade was more of a swap-over. It was effortless. And quick. Using the OSMC backup/restore, I was watching Live TV on my new device in less than 20 minutes.

The Vero 4K+ runs fast and slick. It seems to easily handle anything you can throw at it: Movies, Music, Live TV… The picture is great, and the audio (I’m using s/pdif to a Bose Soundbar) is crystal clear. Loading media over the network also seems quicker now with the 1gig ethernet. I have a second Vero 4K running TVH DVB-S2 and DVB-T, so my Vero 4K+ is a TVH client.

If you’re upgrading from Vero 4K, you’ll notice a nice all-round performance improvement. If you’re upgrading from Pi, you’ll be blown-away. It’s a huge leap forward - in a different league. Vero 4K+ is definitely best-in-class, and the OSMC support @sam_nazarko and team is second to none. It might cost a little more than a Pi, but it’s well, well, well worth it.