Vero 4k RTC?


Does the vero 4k have a RTC or does it get the time once loaded.

Im having trouble with a PVR add on (tv card is in a remote computer), it works fine when i enable it, but on reboots i get a error message it couldnt be started.

Other threads suggest its becauce the device has wrong time to what the server (tvcard pc has). Now when its booted times are exact and the add on works

Its just on the boot up it fails.

So if the Vero 4k doesnt have its own time etc. is there some code to run the NTP to set the clock prior to kodi launching?



The device does not feature an RTC.

Time is grabbed from previous shutdown, then HTTP, then NTP.


Cheers Sam

What code can I use to grab time prior to Kodi starting.

Others have used it on the libre Kodi so Linux. But didn’t state where to add it

Can you clarify the problem a bit more specifically? The time should be fetched from the Internet automatically.


You could try enabling Wait for Network under My OSMC -> Network.


thanks sam, that fixed it

On my old media pc i have a TV card with Server WMC running, Which clients can connect via IP and use the TV card.

Id set it all up so it was working, but when ever OSMC rebooted i got a error when kodi booted saying it couldnt start.

Dont know why the times have to be exact for it to load, but hey least its working now :slight_smile: