Vero 4K+ run plex media server?

Thinking of buying a Vero 4K+ soon. Will it run the plex media server software by itself? My goal was to avoid running the plex off a Windows pc or the like. I do use Kodi but like how plex allows easy distribution to multiple devices.

Thanks guys.

I wouldn’t recommend running Plex Media Server on a Vero4K/+, since it normally requires a powerful CPU to allow for transcoding.

If he doesn’t use transcoding, it’ll be fine.


Part of the goal in using plex would be streaming to various iOS devices whIcy would require transcoding. It sounds like it might not be the best choice for what I’m after.
I am excited to try the Vero with Kodi though;)
My current Windows pc works but on occasion blanks out requires restarts etc…a pain.

You won’t be disappointed if you can remove the iOS requirement.


ha! I will soon. Any upcoming sales/discounts on the Vero?


It’s currently on sale (10%). I’ll end that discount soon (a week or so – waiting for Leia release).

So now is a good time to order. Although, it’s always a good time to order if you consider price with feature set and support :slight_smile:



Good to know! I’ll likely pull the trigger and order soon. Can’t deny the piece of hardware. The reviews are quite positive.

Just placed the order, ha!

Sorry for the bump, but just like bigbwb I’m seriously considering to purchase a 4K+ and have a Plex Media Server related question.

The Vero 4k+ would replace an old Intel NUC- i5 running Kodi on Windows-10 and HDMI-linked to a Sony 55AG8 OLED via a Sony DN1080 Receiver. It’s turned on 24/7 and connected by Ethernet to a Synology NAS ( DS214se) which has all the media (e.g. Films, TV-series & Music) stored.

I use Plex for music only, both from within the LAN (mainly via the Home Cinema receiver) but also quite a bit through streaming to mobile phones whilst driving in the car. As my library is almost entirely in FLAC format, I use the Plex transcoding-on-the-fly to adjust to lower bitrate (e.g. 320kbps) when being outside.

Initially I installed Plex Media Server on the Synology but due to my rather large music library (or at least that was my conclusion), it was too slow and unstable (I guess the Marvell Armada 370 is just not strong enough). Transcoding never worked. That’s why ever since, Plex Media Server has been running on the NUC.

So my questions looking forward are, would the 4k+ be able to replace the NUC in above configuration and user case? And in case of Plex Music playback from the Vero 4K+ (through the Plex Kodi add-on), would the Vero 4K+ simply do FLAC audio passthrough to the Receiver?

Just to underline, video transcoding won’t be necessary as I’ll use the Kodi interface for that.

Many thanks!

This is confusing.

  1. Are you looking for Plex Server running on Vero?
  2. Are you looking for Plex Server doing transcoding?
  1. Yes
  2. Yes, but audio transcoding only (FLAC to MP3 320kbs when using Plex for streaming to mobile devices)

Audio transcoding would be possible on Vero

Unfortunately FLAC passthrough isn’t possible. But it can be decoded lossless and sent as PCM