Vero 4k+ sale --- now on Clearance!

Please allow me to very clear:

  1. I have nothing but respect for Sam and OSMC
  2. This offering is in no way intended to take profit away from Sam

I ordered two Vero 4k+ units on 12/18/22 (as Sam can verify). Both units are preloaded in the exact state received by Sam.

I’ve come to the conclusion that as much as I absolutely love the idea of Open Source, personally my five children and their active lives prevent me from “tooling around” with OSMC as much as I’d desire. As such, I’m going to default to my existing Roku Ultra plug-and-play and call it good.

I strongly believe Sam would appreciate the idea of these boxes going to another OSMC enthusiast, rather than be concerned at all with said end user not purchasing them directly from his online store.

I paid the equivalent of $319 USD (I believe) – it was 258 Pound sterling, depending on that days exact exchange rate.


** $120 USD shipped to CONUS **.
You will NOT find a better price. Act now before it’s gone.
Will accept Venmo or PayPal.
Shipping will include tracking, issued immediately upon payment.

All the best to Sam and the entire OSMC Community.



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I’m curious what nuances you have with the Vero unit?
Family of 5 here with three young Children and it works very well for us.
Just being inquisitive :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I can answer for some of the typical “nuances” that a family with several members may have.

  1. Addons.

Well, ok, that’s probably the only real complaint that is likely to come up that isn’t fairly easy to work around (for varying degree’s of “easy”)

While there are many premium service addons available (Netflix, SlingTV, Discovery, Paramount+, etc etc.) , The family may have some favorites that are not available in Kodi. And the resulting UI is often very different from what family members are used to from the “official” apps those services create and support themselves. Plus most of them are not available from the official Kodi repo, and require some searching the kodi forums to figure out who is maintaining whichever addon you want, and adding their repo to your kodi install (plus whatever configuration is required). Most OSMC users are probably highly techy folks who can figure that sort of thing out, if they can figure out which repos they need for their services, but there are also a lot of non-techy folks out there for whom that sort of thing is asking a lot of them.

On top of that, for many services, you end up being restricted to lesser resolutions (eg, service isn’t allowing 4k for the DRM levels kodi can supply), and the maintainers of the addons can have trouble keeping up-to-date with changes in the services, so functionality may be impacted from time-to-time.

There are a lot of other issues new users can have, such as disliking the UI (which can be solved by picking one of the multitude of alternate skins and/or customizing the skins for those skins that support it), or “sharing” watched status (solved by using a remote SQL server), etc. Things that are easy to solve for more technical minded users, but difficult for less technical people.

Plus, never underestimate how a family can voice complaints about something being “different” from what they are used to from previous app (such as on the roku) that they are used to. Even when Kodi is actually easier to use once they get used to it…

Just required far more build and maintenance time than I’m able to give it. 5 kids doesn’t afford much “free” time.


bump Anyone looking? If so, please message me. Cheers!

I’m interested in one unit shipped to CA 91320.

PM me and I’ll send payment information.

Not sure if there’s a way to PM here.

Can you email me on Kris4o4


Hmm… did not receive it. It’s ‘o’ not zero in the email address.

Click the user’s name, then click message

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One unit sold to Kris404, one remains.

1 unit still available as of today.

Do you still have that unit available ?

Replied to your PM

Left you email.

Price is now $120 until it’s gone. Have dealt with too many scammers so please only inquire if you’re a serious buyer. Price includes shipping CONUS. Accept Venmo or PayPal. If PayPal, buyer must add 3% to cover Goods/Services fees.

I hope those scammers haven’t been here and you’re simply referring to previous selling history of other items.


Hi Calvin! I’ve had my eye on your post for awhile now and finally decided I’m ready to buy.


Last Vero 4k+ sold to MichaelCimino. Zero remain.

Thank you.