Vero 4K - settings reseted after reboot

I will look into a backup solution until the update hits. And I don’t know if my TV just sucks or something but the resolution etc is all set correctly but I need to pull the image in on both sides by ~50 and top and bottom by ~30, which is a lot so I can’t really ignore it.

Have you checked for the zoom mode (aspect ratio) on your TV? Normally called “1:1”, Just Scan or something like that?

Yeah it’s on mode Full as opposed to Zoom or Wide Zoom. Image is still larger than the screen.

Whats the TV make and model?

Based on the manual I would check either:
Screen Settings -> Auto wide
or more likely
Screen Settings -> Display Settings -> Full Pixel/Normal

Yep, Full Pixel did it (was set to Normal which gave the bad result). It was tucked away pretty well, not surprised I hadn’t found it when looking for picture settings before. Thanks a lot, solves a lot of problems.

Well there are a few times in life when reading the manual helps :wink: