Vero 4k shipping question

Ordered last week for delivery to US. Took about 36 hours to process, ship, and arrive at Chicago, only 3 hours away from me, so fantastic speed for that part. However, the tracking screen shows it has been sitting at Ohare airport for 96 hours! I know we had a holiday weekend, but some movement should have happened by now.

Can you tell me which delivery service is being used? Delivery to my door can be a little sketchy depending on which carrier brings it. I’d like to keep an eye out for the truck.

Any info is appreciated. Looking forward to getting started.


We use USPS.

You can put the tracking number in to This is the tracking number included in the original dispatch email. This should give you a delivery date.

Chicago customs clearance is slow at times unfortunately.


Thank you. It took three days to move from customs to their warehouse. Snail mail, indeed!

Will the package fit in a US mailbox, you reckon? Unfortunately USPS is not the best at delivering to my door. I will be hypervigilant for the next few days.


You will need to sign for the parcel to take delivery of it. I believe My USPS allows you to set up alternative delivery arrangements.


Oh, that should help. No worries. I’m home all the time so I’ll keep a sharp lookout. Thanks for all the replies.

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