Vero 4k+ shuts down with tv remote

Hi, I am pretty new on the forums but have been using the Vero with great satisfaction. The only issue is that since a while, my Vero 4k+ seems to shut down when I turn off the TV with the tv remote. The only way to turn it on is to replug the powercable. If there is an easy fix that would be great. Thanks a lot


Try Checking what “When the TV is switched off” is set to. Its located under:

Settings, System, Input, Peripherals, CEC Adapter

Thanks Tom.

At the option: when tv is turned off - ignore.

Any idea? Other option to check?

CEC Adapter is enabled.


Btw. My Vero is connected through my Yamaha receiver, so instead of actually being turned off it could also be that the receiver is not correctly passing through the Vero input after shutting down the TV. Although it only seems to occur when shutting down the tv


You try connecting directly to your TV and see of the issue is still occurring.

When you say the vero 4k+ has shutdown are you seeing the red led cross on the front of it or just no signal on your TV.


No red light cross on the front but no signal screen from the TV. Have just tried the option of directly connecting to TV- ubfortunately same issue.

Thanks for trying to help. Appreciated.


Doesn’t sound like its shutting down, just the TV and vero have lost sync. Trying changing the input to another device and back again.

Thanks Tom.

That helped me in the right direction. It is solved! I tried switching HDMI cables as I assumed the one connected was not passing through signals to the receiving end. I switched cabled and it seems to work again. The one not working was the standard hdmi I guess…

And thanks again btw

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