Vero 4k+ Simply Hangs at random times

Hoping that I can get some guidance on an issue that’s started occuring the last 2-3 weeks on my Vero 4k+.

The issue that’s started happening is that the unit simply halts and drops video output/SSH and everything. The power still goes into it as I can see the optical output lights be up, but the plus sign on the front isn’t flashing/glowing or anything like that.

It seems to happen completely randomly, sometimes it happens before loading into Kodi, sometimes while browsing the menus, sometimes while starting a video and sometimes while watching a video.

When it happens I get the “No input signal detected” on my TV, and I can’t SSH to the Vero (it also drops from my routers list of connected devices).

If I power cycle the unit by pulling out the power cord and reinserting it starts up just fine, it’s never died during the display of the OSMC Logo, but it sometimes stops before Kodi loads the UI.
Sometimes it dies again in a few minutes, other times it works for a few days.

Any advice on what it can be or if there are any system logs that can help are appreciated, kind of a *nix amateur so I have no idea where useful stuff like that would end up.

No CEC is used (but may be enabled, not sure where I would see that, I haven’t explicitly disabled it from the default setting at least).

The first thing I would try would be a reinstall of OSMC on the device.


Oh, wasn’t aware that was possible.

I’ll give it a go and see if that resolves whatever weird thing has popped up.

@sam_nazarko finally got the time to reinstall.

Straight after reinstalling while reconfiguring all the settings the same thing happened (video output drops, SSH connection gets reset by host and the device disappears from the network).
Is there any system log file I can check to see upon restarting to see if there is some corruption or similar going on?

By default, the system log is only held in memory and lost upon restart.

However, it is possible to make it permanent. See here.

Thanks, that explains why I couldn’t find them. Time to see if I can get some help from the system on this.

For anyone else in the future:
I still got no log entries from the above thing, but I’m sure the power supply was the issue.
Despite it still providing enough power to keep the light on the optical out going, I think it slightly dropped in voltage which froze the Vero.
I tested with a 4.5V supply and it behaved the same (works for a while, then all of a sudden freeze).

After changing to a new 5V power supply I have not had a freeze in 3 days (whereas before at the end it happened after a few minutes consistently).
So if you have an issue, do try a new power supply, 5.5mm outer diameter, 2.1mm inner, positive center, 5V, at least 2A (taken from Vero 4K Power adapter specifications - #8 by sam_nazarko )
The one I bought is from Deltaco, but I know it can be bought from the OSMC store as well (can’t find the link currently, but search the forums).

Should be here