Vero 4k, sound bar and DTS: virtual X

I too just picked up a Yamaha 107 sound bar, and have the Vero 4K connected to it via HDMI (and the sound bar connected to the TV via HDMI ARC). I’m curious if anyone worked out the correct settings to achieve DTS: virtual X?

I noted from above the recommended settings are 5.1+Fixed, disable E-AC3 and enable AC3 transcoding, is this correct for DTS: virtual X also, or just DD and DTS 5.1 to the soundbar?

Many thanks for any help.


Believing the manual

the sound bar is capable only

PCM up to 5.1 (6 channels)
Dolby Digital up to 5.1
DTS up 5.1

For DTS:X you need a firmware dated last year

So, this device is quite limited. After checking/updating the sound bar, could you provide some logs so we can check how the device is recognized from its audio capabilities to make a configuration advice:

  • enable logging at GUI Settings -> System -> Logging (expert view mode at left bottom )
  • reboot the Vero with powered on sound bar and TV
  • GUI MyOSMC and there use the log uploader, provide the returned URL here


Thanks for that Jim, and thanks for spotting that information in that manual! I’ll keep things at 5.1+fixed with DD and DTS only.