Vero 4k+ started randomly freezing, ssh times out

Been using the remote to control receiver volume, noticed it randomly stops working, after switching inputs to the vero 4k+ it won’t come up and I can’t even ssh in to reboot it, I have to pull the power cable.

System has been otherwise solid until recently.

Any help much appreciated.

Seems to be a LIRC issue, your log is flooded with this messages

2020-03-01 05:09:08.168 T:4049597152 ERROR: LIRC: invalid non-numeric character in expression 1000��_��J@�4

Figured as much, but what do I change? I dont use/have any IR remotes.

Does this stop working during passthrough?

If passthrough is enabled we have to use CEC to adjust the receiver volume.

Yes, passthrough is enabled.

Never glitched when I’m actively using the vero as the active input to the receiver that I can remember, only when I’ve come back to it when the receiver was on other inputs

Try powering everything down at the mains for 10 minutes. This can fix some CEC issues.

Just the vero? Or everything in the chain (TV, receiver, vero)?

Everything in the chain.